lucia olivieri

Life is a dance, a dance of cells and tissues,

of chance and love, of jungles and harmony.

The universe was created by a dancing god.

An enraged god who had lost his lover

and who finally turned his grief and fury into a creative force

when he started to dance a dance with no beginning and no end.

the dance

collage of life drawings 

Man knows that and to express his gratitude towards existence

he performs a dance, the most prodigious ritual of beauty

that the body can engage in.

the veil

pen on paper and  collage


charcoal on paper

Drawing the dance of life is a gift.

It means access to a sacred space

and to the joy set in motion by the dancing living body.

And sometimes, by some unknown miracle,

also the hand starts dancing on the paper

at the tune of the same joyful gratefulness.

And the dance goes on.


soft pastels on paper and collage



charcoal on paper

red head

charcoal and ink on paper


oil pastels on paper


charcoal on paper + collage


mixed media on paper + collage


blindline contour drawing & collage


blindlinecontour and collage on paper

her mouth

soft pastels on primed cardboard

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