lucia olivieri

Contemporary drawing s my favourite field of expression even though my love for experimentation makes me feel constantly drawn to anything new. Any untrodden way will always feel more exciting than whatever is known already.

With a a piece of charcoal in my hands is certainly when I feel happier and more open to the observation of what goes on around me. People's expressions, their eyes, and their hands dancing around them are an inexhaustible treasure for my artistic practice.

On one side, then, everything human, emotions and skin, and on the other, this earth, the natural world. The celestial map in a leaf, the beauty of a broken twig, the shimmer of a grain of sand and the heartwarming  wonder of animal presence.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Henri Matisse

Drawing is my breath

A short video about my passion for drawing and the power of gratitude  in my work.

If you wish to see the full video, just follow the link:

Recently my passion for experimenting has taken me along the path of ceramics.

Foraging clay on the green hills of South Tuscany, working the clay to create simple objects of use or animal sculptures , firing them with the old traditional technique of the saggar, all this has become for me a way to deeply connect with the place I live in, a true possibility to feel in my bones the  slow rhythm of the breath of the woods

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