lucia olivieri


pinched paperclay

Even the smallest, simplest ceramic object is born from the simple beauty of earth, terra, and the power of fire. 

A perfect ritual of love for Nature and its elemental forces.

one eye


                    the other


Paul Klee


raku vase. approx 45 cm

Ram Head, 

work in progress

Obvara: the power of  yeast

handbuilt vase, approx. 30 cm

From the Mosaic collection

A way to blend old and  natural fragments in little sculptural ceramic pieces.



Enchantment Egg,

handbuilt paperclay

 Enchantment Egg

Black Spheres

raku firing

copper interior detail

A special thanks to Raku master Mara Funghi who has worked  the raku fires for me

The non-tea pot,

hand built, raku firing


red earth

foraged clay little round bowl with wood and copper wire addition on paperclay plate

big egg

saggar firing


handbuilt, saggar firing

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